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Updated: Jan 15, 2021

how to be happy
Happiness and success manifest when you have dreams and you go for them.

I had this deep experience.

During the Covid spring lock-down, I decided to go for one of my Dreams that was cooking for several months and now is ready to go out of the oven and I want to share this sweet piece of cake with you.

I want to help people connect with their high dreams and take actions from this beautiful place of who they are and create the life they want. Magic really happens when we connect with our dreams: we feel this exciting energy, this vibration around our heart, this deep feeling of joy and satisfaction, our body wants to dance, we want to sing, we smile to everyone.

I have been experiencing those feelings in many moments during my life growth journey and I can tell you can also access those feelings.


1- First you need to Believe it

2- Second you need to Want it

3- Third you need to Go for it

Nothing else. These are the 3 Ingredients to create your recipe of life’s happiness and it depends 100% on you. When you connect with your dreams, you connect with this inner power that gives you the drive to move on and achieve your goals in all areas of your life, it is limitless.

In this article, I share with you 3 daily empowering practices that will give you a first flavour of accessing your dreams and this deep feeling of inner joy.

  • Journal 10' every morning

  • Dream during your meditation practice

  • Listen to your favourite songs every day

In those 3 moments, you open an inner space so your soul starts manifesting, sending you a message. Listen attentively to it, with all your senses.

And you, have you recently experienced moments of deep connection and dream?

When they manifest, stop, listen, observe and write your thoughts and feelings. There is a message for you.

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